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Targeted IT solutions for your small business.

Secure Email Service For Legal Professionals

A growing number of cybercriminals are targeting the legal profession with cyber attacks. As a result, hundreds of thousands of dollars of trust money or settlement fund is lost on average.

Protect your law firm or your conveyancing practice from payment scams, cyber attacks and hacking with our secure email service.

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Secure Email Service for Accounting Firms

Accounting firms and bookkeeping services rely on trust to maintain their client base. The ATO has warned tax practitioners to take proactive measures with cyber security.

Arrow Networks provides a secure email service protecting Australian accounting firms from email-based scams.

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Secure Email Service for Medical Practices

Medical practitioners collect and store vast amounts of health records, making them a prime target for cybercrime. Email-based attacks such as phishing, email spoofing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) are the main reasons why medical centres, private hospitals, dental services and general practitioners are hacked.

Our secure email solution helps practitioners protect the patients’ sensitive medical records.

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Managed IT Solutions Sydney

Arrow Networks is a managed IT services provider delivering IT solutions for small businesses in Sydney. With our flexible services and latest technologies, we can reduce your IT costs and make your business more productive than ever.

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