Secure Email Service for Medical Practices

Protect your patients' medical records from hacking, data breaches and cybercrime with our secure email solution.

Designed for medical centres, private hospitals, dental services, general practitioners and other professionals in the healthcare industry.

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Defend Your Medical Practice from the Cybercriminals

WannaCry Ransomware

Australian regulatory bodies tell where the problems persist. According to the Notifiable Data Breaches Report by OAIC, the number one industry sector affected by data breaches is health service providers holding health information.


Health information is regarded as one of the most sensitive types of personal information by law.


To help Australian medical practices, we developed a secure email solution that is designed with the cyber challenges of medical practitioners in mind.

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How Cybercrime Affects Your Medical Practice

A cyber attack can mean that criminals access or tamper with your medical records, or making them inaccessible until a hefty ransom is paid.

How Cybercrime Affects Your Medical Practice

Medical records scrambled and held for a ransom

Medical records ending up on the dark web

All of your emails or medical records maliciously deleted, or made public

Patient privacy is breached

Unwanted media attention

Unexpected IT expenses to remediate your systems

The loss of the faith of your patients in your practice

The loss of existing and future patients

Legal action against you for professional negligence and other lawsuits

Fines associated with the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Scheme legislation

How the Australian Healthcare Industry Is Under Threat

Regulators, technology companies and the cybersecurity industry are all raising alarms on the growing number of cyberattacks against the medical sector.

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“Patient data is very valuable to hackers, with stolen information often used to commit further crimes like identity theft”

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“Being locked out of critical health information […] can have life-threatening consequences. With patient lives and records on the line, healthcare organisations must take a proactive approach to preserve the integrity of the data they’ve been entrusted to protect.”

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“If criminals compromise your computer systems or steal important business information, your business may suffer significant financial loss, possible legal liability, reputational damage and your customers’ personal information may be misused for fraudulent purposes.”

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“Email fraud, also known as business email compromise (BEC), is one of today’s greatest cyber threats and it’s impacting healthcare organizations of all sizes across the globe.

Secure Email for Your Medical Practice

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Ideal for businesses in the Australian medical sector

Additional defense against phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC) and email spoofing attacks

All email settings are secure by default

Enterprise-class protection from spam, phishing, ransomware and viruses

Two-factor authentication enabled

Ran by qualified cybersecurity professionals

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Be more productive with the Microsoft Office applications you love

Supports Microsoft Office and your favourite email clients

We migrate your emails from existing email service for free

Fast and friendly technical support in Australia

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Secure Email Service

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Cybersecurity for Medical Practices

Safe and secure mailboxes based on Office 365. Comes with advanced email spoofing and phishing protection technologies.

Easy Migration

Our team of service managers will make the email migration and onboarding process seamless. We migrate your emails and calendars as a complimentary service.

Help Is Always Available

Our help desk is available whenever you need it. You can engage us over the phone, via email or with your web browser.

Full Protection

Our service protects your practice from a wide range of cyber threats arriving by email. Phishing, viruses, ransomware are kept away from your IT systems.

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