Secure Email Service for Conveyancing Practices

Protect your conveyancing practice from payment redirection fraud, email impersonation fraud, PEXA hacking and conveyancing fraud.

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Defend Your Conveyancing Practice from Cyber Scams

Defend Your Conveyancing Practice from Cyber Scams

Your conveyancing firm deserves a reliable, safe and secure email service so that you can focus on your clients. For about your worries about hackers misdirecting settlement funds and tampering with your payment instructions.


Arrow Networks offers a secure email service designed with conveyancing practitioners in mind.

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How Cyber Crime Can Damage Your Practice

A cyber attack can mean you are defrauded, have your data held to a ransom, have you and your clients’ confidential information stolen and sold on the dark web, or have all of your emails and documents maliciously deleted, permanently encrypted, or made public.

How Cyber Crime Can Damage Your Practice

Theft of settlement funds

Hackers impersonating you and your practice to your clients and emailing them false payment directions

Interruptions to your normal business operations

Unexpected expenses related to remediation of your systems

Unwanted media attention

The loss of your conveyancing practice’s reputation

The loss of existing and future clients

Legal action against you for professional negligence and other lawsuits

Fines associated with the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Scheme legislation

How Conveyancing Practices are Under Threat

Regulatory bodies, technology companies, the mainstream media and the cybersecurity industry are unanimously raising alarms about targeted cyber attacks against businesses providing conveyancing services.

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“PEXA hack shows email is a fraudster’s best friend. Hackers love the fact that we all use, and implicitly trust, email.”

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“A former MasterChef contestant and her family are homeless after hackers stole $250,000 from the proceeds of their home sale”

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“The ACCC is calling for an urgent review of the way businesses verify and pay invoices. The average loss per victim sits near $30,000 […] as more scams target conveyancers.”

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“The majority of data breaches within the legal services sector is attributable to phishing.”

How We Can Protect Your Conveyancing Practice

Migrate to our secure email service to protect your business from getting defrauded.

Ideal for sole traders and businesses providing conveyancing services

Helps protect from business email compromise fraud, email spoofing and payment redirection scams

All settings are secure by default

Enterprise-class protection from spam, phishing, ransomware and viruses

Two-factor authentication enabled

Email spoofing protection

Runs on Microsoft Office 365 and Advanced Threat Protection

Be more productive with the Microsoft Office applications you love

Keep using your favourite email apps such as Microsoft Outlook

Free migration from your existing email service

The service is ran by qualified cybersecurity experts

Fast & reliable technical support

Best Value

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Pay only a simple fixed fee.
$ 31.95 user/month
Designed for Conveyancing Practices

Secure work email on Office 365 for your conveyancing practice. Comes with 50 Gb mailboxes and shared mailboxes.

Easy Migration

Changing email providers can be daunting. That is why we have a team of experts dedicated to your migration and your entire onboarding experience.

Technical Support

We are available 24/7 to help you and your staff. Our dedicated support team is proudly based in Australia.

Protection from Cyber Scams

We help protect your conveyancing practice from business email compromise fraud, email spoofing and payment redirection scams.

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